Established in 1990, Tiny Findings is a private, non-profit early childhood program located at the U.S. Government Accountability Office Headquarters (GAO HQ)  in Washington, DC. Tiny Findings currently serves up to 110 children from 3 months through Pre-K.


Tiny Findings provides high-quality care and education in a manner that fosters the social-emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development of each child while also meeting the needs of working families at GAO headquarters and the broader community.


Tiny Findings strives to be a model child development center that nurtures the excitement of lifelong learning.


 1)Tiny Findings will foster the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development of each child to prepare them to be successful in school and life through implementation of a curriculum that promotes development in each of these areas.

2)Tiny Findings will serve families of employees in the GAO Headquarters building and the broader community by providing a high-quality and conveniently-located option for meeting these families’ early childhood developmental and educational needs.

3) Tiny Findings will attract, develop, and maintain a qualified and high-quality workforce and provide an enriching and supportive work environment through policies and activities that help individual staff achieve their fullest potential while maintaining a team-centered environment with a high degree of collaboration at all levels.

 4)Tiny Findings will implement and maintain effective governance structures, competent and knowledgeable leadership, as well as comprehensive and well-functioning administrative policies, procedures, and systems to promote fiscal soundness and program accountability while maintaining a high-quality experience for all children, families, and staff.