Tiny Findings is a private, non-profit corporation, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who govern the affairs and property of the Center.  A majority of the elected members must be parents of children currently enrolled in the Center (“Parent” members). However, the by-laws also require that nearly half of the elected Board members not be parents of current enrollees (“Non-parent” members). There must always be only one more parent member than non-parent members on the Board (e.g., 6 parent members and 5 non-parent members).

Elected Board Members serve a two-year term (roughly half of the directors are up for re-election each year) and are elected by corporate members each fall at the Center’s annual meeting. Corporate members include each parent/guardian of a child currently enrolled in the Center as well as GAO Headquarters and tenant agency employees who have paid annual membership dues. Nominations are solicited from the corporate membership prior to the annual meeting.

The Board manages, controls, and directs the financial affairs and property of Tiny Findings. These duties include: formulating the annual budget; approving tuition, fees, and employee salaries; formulating, in consultation with Center management, financial and admissions policies; and hiring, evaluating, and retaining the Executive Director.

Current Members

  • Chair — Jill Verret
  • Vice Chair — Silvia Symber
  • Secretary – Emily Wilson Schwark
  • Treasurer — Naarah Jackson
  • Member — Jyoti Gupta
  • Member — Carol Henn
  • Member – Connor Kincaid
  • Member — Paul Miller, Jr.
  • Member — Michael Sweet
  • Member — Mary Turgeon
  • Member — Dan Webb
  • Ex-Oficio/Non-Voting Member — Janet Temko-Blinder