IMMEDIATE OPENINGS – based on first come, first served
* Pre K (3 an 4 year old’s)

Each year, the GAO makes an in-kind donation to TF, which includes our center and playground, along with facilities and security services. In recognition of these significant material donations, TF provides priority enrollment to federal employees working at GAO HQ including employees of tenant agencies. While the majority of our families work at GAO HQ, from time to time, particularly in our older classes, spaces are available to families outside the GAO community. We encourage you to read through the admissions and transitions policies in our Parent Handbook and get in touch if you have questions about enrollment.

Priority Ranking:

1. Sibling of any student already enrolled in the Center. If space in the center cannot accommodate all siblings, the following order of priority shall be given: GAO employees, contractors and other tenants (as noted earlier), Legislative Branch employees, other federal employees, other families with a child already enrolled in the Center 
2. Children of GAO, contractors and other building tenants
3. Children of employees of the Legislative Branch 
4. Children of other federal employees 
5. Children of the general public

Tiny Findings enrolls through an annual weighted drawing process. Families must have (or be expecting) a child in order to apply for admission.

Any Infant child born between October 1st  and January 31st is eligible for the Fall Lottery/Spring Enrollment.

  • This Lottery is for Infant’s only.
  • The application deadline to be considered in the Fall Lottery for Spring enrollment is in late September, for dates, please see the calendar.
  • Spring enrollment can begin January 1. (3 months after the date of birth.)
  • If the child is not enrolled by the last full week of February parents will begin to pay tuition to hold the spot.
    • Any child born in this time frame can defer to the Spring lottery for Fall admission because they would not be eligible to transition until the following fall.

Any Infant child born between February 1st and September 30th is eligible for the Spring Lottery/Fall Enrollment. Also, ALL age groups can apply for this lottery.

  • The application deadline to be considered in the Spring Lottery for Fall enrollment is in late April, for dates, please see the calendar. Please contact David Zangueneh at for any updates on the lottery.
  • Fall enrollment begins on the first day of the new school year which generally takes place at the end of August and beginning of September.
  • If the child is not enrolled by the first full week in October parents will begin to pay tuition to hold the spot.
  • We enroll ALL age groups during this lottery. For Toddlers and up, there is no date of birth requirement.


To apply for a spot in Tiny Findings please submit an application and $125.00 fee. You may either drop the application off in the center, by email to David Zangueneh at, or send it to our mailing address at 455 Massachusetts Avenue NW, PMB 323, Washington DC, 20001.

For an application click here.