Priority Enrollment Categories

Applicants are drawn through a weighted random process according to their family’s priority level. All applicants at each level are equally weighted. Applications for available spots are drawn first from the highest priority levels. Each priority level must be exhausted before moving on to the next level for the drawing.

  1. Sibling of any student already enrolled in the Center.  If space in the center cannot accommodate all siblings, the following order of priority shall be given: GAO employees and other tenants, Legislative Branch employees, other federal employees, other families with a child already enrolled in the Center
  2. Children of GAO and other tenants
  3. Children of employees of the Legislative Branch
  4. Children of other federal employees
  5. Children of the general public

Note: If a family’s priority status changes between the time of the drawing and the start of the academic year, the previously offered spot in Tiny Findings will no longer be valid and will be withdrawn.

The Board reserves the right to hold up to three slots for children of Tiny Findings employees as a tool for recruitment or retention.